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For those who own a spectrophotometer such as the XRite I1 Pro or the Konica Minolta Myiro, be aware that these devices are not only used to calibrate your copier or control your proofing system, but they can also be very useful for measuring colors of material samples, carry out color searches in relation to Pantone, RAL color charts, etc.
They can also help you to control the quality of your prints or your illuminants.

As an example, we will discuss two scenarios on the use of your spectrophotometer that will save you time and money.

1) First scenario: Reproduction of a color

Problem: Your client asks you to reproduce an identical color because he has a connection to make ...

Solution: Measure the color to be reproduced with your spectrophotometer, then use the measured sample in your file intended for printing.

At this level you have several possibilities:

- Create a spot color from the Lab value of the measurement made and use this spot color in your Adobe software and in your RIP (For this, your RIP must be able to manage spot colors).

Tutorial on sample measurement with Coraye software:

Or :

- Convert the measured sample to RGB or CMYK using the characterization profile produced on your printer and your support in absolute mode.To do this, you will first need to create this profile by printing the characterization test pattern under the same conditions as your documents then measure it with the Coraye profile creation module.

Tutorial on the creation of an ICC profile for the Coraye software:

Remember to check if the color you want to reproduce is reproducible by your printer.

La couleur mesurée est incluse dans le gamut de l'imprimante et est donc imprimable

Coraye's tutorials will explain how to perform this check.

- Check and quantify the difference between the reference color and the one you got
Once the color has been reproduced, it is also possible to compare the printed result to ensure that the color obtained is within the tolerances defined by your sponsor.

Tutorial on the comparison between a measured color and a reference color with the Coraye software:

2) Second scenario: color search

You need to know the closest Pantone or RAL color to a color sample. Paper swatches such as Pantoniers are not necessarily very accurate in color reproduction, especially if they are used. , beware of the light conditions with which you are going to visualize the colors to compare them with your samples.Using a spectrophotometer and a digital color chart containing the official values of the colors, is the safest and most accurate method to perform a shade search.

Tutorial on finding a shade with Coraye software:

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