Our Privacy Policy Company

Our Company CORAYE being concerned about the protection of your personal data. We commit ourselves to give you the best personal data protection level in compliance with the european and french regulation which are valid in terms of personal data protection.

For any further information about personal data protection, you can also check the website of the “Liberty and Computer Commission” : www.cnil.fr.

1. Who is responsible of my personal data processing ?

The data protection officer is the company which define for what use case and how your personal data is treated. You can communicate with our DPO with this email :

Personal data collected from the website and the software Coraye are treated by :
CORAYE registered at the RCS Melun under number 850 136 813;
Address : 6 rue de Lagny, 77340 Pontault-Combault, France
Hereinafter referred to as « CORAYE »

2. Why do CORAYE collect my data ?

CORAYE collect and use your personal data for the following reasons :

Customer Relationship Management

We need some of your data in order to provide you services like billing, accounting, customer management. For example, we can make some customer satisfaction survey, treatment about claims, complaining and customer service. Selection of customer in order to realize some studies, surveys and beta test.

Security for our website

Some of the collected data ensure services security and allow us to detect, avoid and track any attempts of malicious act, computer intrusion or any violation of our Terms and Condition of Use.

Customer knowledge, statistics and website performance

We could use data in order to better understand our customers or statistical purposes for analyzing website activity and improve our services. We carry out audience measures as pageviews, visitor numbers, visitor activity on the website and frequency.

3. What personal data do we collect ?

Which data ?

We collect and use data like your last name, first name, company name, address, email, MAC address, computer name, last version of the software used, last connection, password (encrypted), phone number, IP address, data connection, web browsing and location, billing history, preferences, hobbies and claims. Obligatory or facultative mentions are shown with an asterisk.

When ?

We are collecting information that you provide to us when :

  • you create your account in our website and/or in our software
  • you are connected in our website and/or in our software
  • you subscribe to our professional plan in our website and/or in our software
  • you browse our website and/or our software
  • you participate in one of our contests
  • you contact our Customer Service
  • you write a comment
  • you consult our ads

4. What kind of information that am I able to receive ?

Informations and newsletters

  • Service Emails

  • Right after the subscription to our services or in the case of following a contract, you will receive an email which allow you to follow your subscription or the execution of your contract (billing, end date of your subscription…). These messages are necessary for the good execution of the service that you were engaged for. The reception of this information is not linked with the choice you made for newsletters.

  • Newsletters CORAYE

  • When you create your account and if you agree, you can receive information and offers from CORAYE by electronic communication (email, sms…). These newsletters allow you to be informed of our news, benefits that you are eligible for from our company. We are measuring also the opening rate of our newsletter in order to provide you the best experience according to your needs.

5. From which legal base and for how long my personal data are processed ?

The processing of your data is justified by different manners (legal base) according to the use that we have of your data. You can find right here all the legal base and the shelf life that we apply to our different processing.

Legal base for data processing

Among these legal base which are relevant :

  • Contract
  • Data processing is necessary to the contract execution you have granted for.

  • Consent
  • You accept the processing of your personal data by explicit consent. You can change you mind at any moment.

  • Legitimate interest
  • CORAYE have a commercial interest by processing your data in a fair, transparent way and we will not impair to your privacy. Without exception, you can at any moment oppose yourself to a processing based on a legitimate interest by reporting this to CORAYE.

  • Consent
  • The processing of your data is considered mandatory by a legal text.

Data shelf life

Most of the data (for example data from your account and billing are recorded as long as you are considered as a “active” customer for a period of 5 years following your last activity (a purchase, login into your account or subscription). Your data is then archived with a restricted access for a larger period in conformity with the law (payments, litigation…). After this period, data are deleted.

Type of processingLegal baseShelf life of these dataArchivesInformations
Using an accountContract5 years following the last activityBetween 5 to 10 yearsA customer is considered as “active” when for example he log-in into his account
Message sending by email or SMS
(Commercial prospecting) by CORAYE
Legitimate interest3 years following the last activityN/AAfter the registration of your account, you can receive information from CORAYE about additional services to those from CORAYE.
You can oppose yourself right after your registration and at any moment. Article L34-5 from CPCE
Targeting adsConsent13 months after receiving the advertising cookie.N/AYou can manage advertising cookies in the webpage “Cookies” or by reporting to us and at any moment your objection.
Recording credit card data after a paymentLaw15 monthsArticle L133-24 from “Code Monétaire et Financier”.Your banking data are conserved by a secured provider.
Storage of the credit card in the electronic wallet for further purchase.ConsentUntil the end of the consent or the credit card validityN/AYour data banking are well-kept by Stripe, our secured payment provider.
6. Who are the receiver of my data ?

Data transmission to some subcontractor

Data that we collect could be sent to our subcontractor partners in order to provide you service as control, execution, processing, payment of your subscription and marketing operation.

7. How to manage choices about my data ?

We are working actively in order to improve the way how you can better control the use of your data in your account. You can at any moment oppose your consent about the use of your data at :

  • the moment when you create your account via checkboxes and opposing links.
  • any moment when you are using Coraye services.
  • Online by visiting to the webpage “My personal data”
  • By email at privacy@coraye.com
  • By letter at the following address : CORAYE service consommateur – 6 rue de Lagny, 77340 Pontault-Combault.

If you proceed by email or letter

You need to provide us your last name, first name, email and address by mentioning the reason for your request and/or the right you want to apply.
In order to better understand your request, you can for example specify one or many reasons :

  • For stopping commercial prospection : "Stop Email CORAYE" / "Stop email Partners"
  • For stopping retargeting : "Opposition sharing data with third parties for retargeting"
  • You can also manage your cookies by visiting the webpage “Cookies” or by visiting these websites :

  • For deleting my account : "Delete my account"

8. Which are my rights in terms of processing personal data ?

In accordance with the rules applicable to the protection of processing personal data, you can claim your rights (access, change, delete, oppose, limit) and define the future of your personal data “post mortem”. All you have to do is contacting CORAYE by email : privacy@coraye.com or by letter :
Coraye, service consommateur – 6 rue de Lagny, 77340 Pontault-Combault, France.

In order to answer you in the fastest way, we will need your last name, first name, email, address and if possible your customer ID. Some of the execution of your rights need to be followed by a photocopy of your ID card with your signature in order to verify your identity and specify the address where we have to answer for. An answer will be given to you within 1 month after your request.

You have also the right to introduce a claim to the “National Commission of Liberty and Computing” (CNIL) on their website : www.cnil.fr

CORAYE have also a data protection officer (DPO) who is in charge to ensure the protection of your personal data. You can contact him at dpo@coraye.com

9. Do my data are transferred outside of the EU ?

You are informed that your data could be sent for needs that we already mentioned before at some companies located outside the European Union and where data protection is less performant than in European Union.

Before the transition outside the EU, Coraye ensure all measures and warranties needed to secure such transition. Transition outside European Union could be effective in the following examples : Computer providing, fraud prevention, data exploitation linked with social media (to the US).

10. Which use of data linked with social media ?

The use of social media, CORAYE services or software linked to these social media could land to a collect of data and a trading between these social media and CORAYE. We invite you to consult data privacy policy from the social media in order to be aware of which information is collected by these social media and which one are sent to CORAYE with our website and software for advertising purposes.

You can configure directly from the social media, the access and the confidentiality of your data. CORAYE collect for his own purpose some information and personal data which are linked to your activity from the CORAYE page of the social media. These data are used in an advertising purpose to improve our commercial offer and the ad that is sent to you in order to give you a customize experience.

The information collected by CORAYE for his own through his website and his software in cooperation with social media are governed by the following conditions and the specific condition of CORAYE software. However, CORAYE is not responsible by the use which is done of your data by the social media for their own purpose.

« Plug-ins »

Our website use “plug-in”. It could be buttons as “Like”, “Share” from the social media as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… that you could find in our website and in our software. It allow you to “like” and share information from our website or software with your friends on the social media. When you consult a webpage from our website which contains plug-in, a connection is set with social media servers (Facebook, Twitter…) which are informed that you have reached this page from the website CORAYE, even if you do not have any Facebook or Twitter account or even if you’re not login with your Facebook or Twitter account.

For example : If you are logged in to a social media during your browsing in the website coraye.com, social media in which you are log-in could mention your visit in your social media account. If you use plug-in such as “like”, your action could be recorded and publish in your social media account depending on the preferences of your social media account. If you do not wish that social media are publishing your actions from the plug-in in your social media account, you need to disconnect yourself from social media before consulting our website.

11. Which are the cookies used for retargeting ?

We use tracking technologies such as cookies in order to adapt ads according to your needs and hobbies in our website. We invite you to consult the “Cookies” page to get more detailed information about the use of Cookies.