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Inkjet technology is evolving rapidly, printers are more and more productive and are able to go further and further in color reproduction.
Take for example the Epson SC-P7500, with its additional Orange inks, green and purple, out of the 2663 colors in the PANTONE® Solid Coated color chart, 50 of the 2663 shades are not reproducible or have a Delta E greater than 2.

Couleurs PANTONE® Solid Coated / Epson SC-P7500

Of course, not all printers are able to reproduce such a wide gamut, it will also depend on the medium you are going to print on. But it might be useful to know the "reproducible" colors and to be able to quantify the difference between the color. actually produced and the reference color (Delta E), without wasting consumables and wasting time by carrying out quantities of tests.

For this Coraye allows you to edit a report that compares the colors of a color chart (PANTONE® or others) with the characterization profile of your printer (or your offset machine). Therefore, you will be able to tell your client if you are able to faithfully reproduce his color.

In addition, this report can then be exported as a pdf and sent to your customers or sales representatives.

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Another way to find out if a color is reproducible is to measure it and convert it with the characterization profile of your printing system.

Konica Minolta Myiro

Coraye's "Color Converter" function will display the RGB or CMYK value to you, (depending on the color space of your profile) and will indicate a Delta E greater than 1 if the measured color is not "reproducible" on your machine.

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