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In this post, we will discuss quality control for inkjet prints.

In the graphic arts, proofs are validated by measuring a CMYK control range which verifies the calibration and stability of the prints.

Konica Minolta MYIRO

It is a pity that this practice is not generalized in photo laboratories and in all companies that produce eco-solvent inkjet prints, UV, sublimation, etc ...
The idea would not be to print a range "Media Wedge" with all the prints of your production, but can be to carry out a control at least once a week.

The interest of setting up a quality control would make it possible to:
- Set up a quality charter to guarantee to your customers a faithful reproducibility in the event of reprinting for example
- Check the stability of your printers
- Check the neutrality of the grays
- Homogenize the color rendering of a fleet of printers (within the limits of the possible)
- Diagnose and anticipate technical problems.

Remember that quality problems can cost you and your customers money, and that a company able to put forward a quality follow-up of its prints and guarantee a certain level of quality, can be a serious argument for customers looking for a reliable provider.

This is why Coraye offers a Quality Control solution which makes it possible to:
- Control CMYK Graphic Arts proofs according to Fogra and IDEAlliance standards
- Control RGB prints with a "Digigraphie" type range
- Control spot colors such as PANTONE for example
- Control gray neutrality with an RGB gray scale
- Record measurements for subsequent comparisons
- View and compare measured values ​​in a diagram
- Customize tolerance values ​​and control points.
- Compare IT8 or customized ranges to control printing with greater precision
- Create control reports that can be exported in pdf

Tutorials explaining the different options of the Coraye Print Control module are available on our site support:


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