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It is difficult for a graphic designer to imagine what the colors of their creation will be like once they are printed.

But what if the answer to this problem were to use only color swatches that only contain colors optimized for the printing technology and the media they would be printed on? In which case, how do you go about using only colors that are would your printer be able to reproduce?

A solution exists and is technically simple to set up

It consists of printing the reference colors in the form of a test pattern (for example PANTONE) on the printing system and the media that will be used during the final printing.

The next step is to measure these targets and then export them as digital color charts compatible with the applications used by graphic designers and printers' RIPs.

Mesure Mire de tons directs
Konica Minolta Myiro

Once the targets have been measured with a spectrophotometer and converted with the Coraye software, they can be imported into your creation software (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Corel Draw, etc.) ...

Illustrator-2 InDesign-2 Photoshop-2 coreldraw-1

... And the printer for his part will be able to import these tables into his RIPs (Caldera, EFI Fiery, Onyx, Wasatch, Epson Edge Print, Color Gate, Ergosoft, Neostampa, etc.) so that the files of these customers are reproduced faithfully with the desired colors.

Printing a color chart
As a bonus, Coraye allows you to create customizable color charts in pdf format containing colors, an index and cutting lines.

Obviously, this solution would not apply to offset, flexographic and other printers who use special inks to process spot colors, but would be aimed at printers who use traditional inkjet, UV, Sublimation, Direct To Garment technologies. (Textile), etc ...

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