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In the previous episode, we addressed the problem that the graphic designer had to choose reproducible colors during the final print.The solution was to create a color chart in the form of a .ase, acb, .aco file, containing only colors that the printer could faithfully reproduce.

In this post we will create a color chart printed on paper (or other medium) from the digital color chart. This color chart printed on the machine and the media that will be used during printing final, will ensure that the printed colors are respected.

To create this color chart, we will use the Coraye software.

First step
In Coraye, import a file containing the colors of your color chart.
This can be a library of spot colors in .cxf formats, or Adobe: .ase, .aco, acb, etc ... Then right click on the file that you imported, to create the swatch.

You can create swatches in fan mode

Or in sheet mode

You can also customize your color chart by specifying for example:
- The width and height of each of the sheets
- The size of the sheet to nest the sheets
- The number of colors for the sheets
- Add an index, a first page
- Bleeds
- etc ...

Once your color chart is created, you have to export it in pdf

In illustrator, you will be able to customize the pdf file and prepare the file for cutting if needed.
Tutorials are available on our site to help you.

The next step is to print your color charts

Then cut them

Then distribute these swatches to your customers, designers, and salespeople to make color reproduction easier and safer.

Are you interested ?
Check out our tutorial:

Create a color chart
Because the paper color charts are still very useful, Coraye allows you to generate the color charts in pdf format, which you can then print ...

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