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The most intuitive color management software made for you.

Conceived and build by color experts, we make sure that every technical step you need to know become as easy as ABC. Be master of your colors, take advantage of the full colorimetric potential from your devices and boost your productivity.

Calibration & Characterization

All the color print accuracy
in a nutshell.

With our "Create Profile" feature, Coraye allow you to create your own custom profile. Ensure you the mastering of your printing and the optimum ink dosage lay-down on your media. Get true impression, save ink and ensure to your customer the quality they deserve for their order. if you want to go any further, make sure to know the rendering before printing your work by simulate it into your graphical screen. All you have to do is to create simulation profile by executing a characterization of your printing.

Capture Light

Perfect lights for perfect colors.

The way how you perceive colors is different depending on your light source. Some light sources might change with time fly and could provoke bad color rendering. Our feature “Capture Lights” allow you to verify the quality of your spotlight and understand how colors are reacting with different illuminants. Obtain now the best colors under the best accurate spot light and ensure a better communication, correction and quality control on your work. It will avoid you some mistakes that might conclude to contention with your customer.

Color Capture

Wherever you are, capture any color you want.

Having trouble for reproducing, communicate, convert, analyse or share colors from different materials ? We make it real. With “Color Capture”, get into the next level and capture colors wherever you are. Select the color you want from a specific material such as leather and get the exact LAB, XYZ or density value from it. By measuring and saving your own colors, you will be able to any specific information from your tints such as :

  • Research for similar colors among thousands of color charts references
  • Create color table
  • Spectral curves analysis
  • Visualize them into 3D vs color profiles
  • Convert them into RGB or CMYK.

This information are really useful and allow you to make instant and accurate diagnostic for reproduction issues that will make you save some time and money.

Gamut Viewer

The power of preview anything even before printing.

At Coraye, it seems pretty obvious for us to know exactly if some colors or picture colors would be perfectly reproducible on a printer. With "Gamut Viewer", compare now in 3D some color charts, ICC profile, color table or picture (jpeg, tif and png)

  • For choosing the right paper according to your needs, compare the simulated profile of your media with your picture.
  • You have a doubt about the reproductibility of a color, compare it also with the simulate profile of your media.

Gamut viewer allow you to get answer quickly without any waste of time and media.

Spectral Viewer

A color may hide an other one.

With “Spectral Viewer”, display spectral curves from spot light and you will be able to detect if your spotlight are good enough to judge if your printing will be seen in good condition. Thanks to the color reflectance curve, be able to determine the component of your printing. Identify if a color is composed by several tints (polychromatic) or if it is a unique tint (monochromatic) and protect yourself from metamerism issues.

Print Control

Relax, your production is stabilize.

Verify easily and at any time the stability of your printing by measuring control charts. The “Print Control” feature from Coraye realize the follow up of your print machine and allow you to correct any deviance from it. A colorimetric drift during your printing task may force you to reprint. With “Print Control”, save time, avoid any waste and annoyance from your customer.

Color Table

Get tables from all types of colors.

Share your colors, minimize errors, save time and money with our feature “Color Table”. This feature allow you to create, convert, import and export personalized color table to apps such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Coreldraw and RIPs such as EFI, Caldera, Wasatch et Epson Edge Print.

Our goal is to allow to creators, printers and participant to better communicate color in oter to minimize errors. Bad quality could cost you a lot in term of time and money.

Color Finder

Find the color which fits with your needs.

Save time just by using accurate measuring tools and make an efficient quality control with “Color Finder”. This feature allow you research tints in order to find the closest Pantone/color to your material sample or printout. In a quality control environment, quantify now differences from your measured samples and color references and be able to detect as soon as possible mistakes inside your production. The sooner you detect an issue, the less it will cost you.

Color converter

The future is now predictible

With Color Converter, convert your color sample with RGB and CMYK profile for integrate them into your creation. Avoid to engage yourself into color reproduction if your devices are not able to reproduce it ! Make sure that your samples are really reproducible by using simulate printing profile for conversion and Delta E for evaluate the printability. Don’t waste your time by trial and error and get immediately the answer to your needs.

Because we know that you deserve better.

We made this software with a unique aim: Make color management easy for everyone.
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